Everything You're Told
(in development)

Everything You’re Told has had quite the developmental journey! Currently, it is a 95-minute fictional play about two people with vastly different ideological viewpoints who meet on the phone and then try to love one another. These characters, Alex and Kevin, are trying to figure out what they believe, why they believe it, and which parts of themselves they can reveal to someone who believes something else.

In its developmental history though, it has been many things!

It all started as a live anthology of true stories exploring dogma, doubt, and conviction. The stories were told through audio interviews, live storytelling, music/soundscape, reimagined memories, and movement/dance. Showings were presented at The Tank, The Bowery Electric, The Green Room Performance Salon, and Brooklyn College’s TV Center (where it was also streamed live).

In 2016, playwright Xandra Clark received a developmental residency at The Tank with composer Ryan Hopper and director Ellie Sachs, which culminated in a public work-in-progress reading of an 85-minute multimedia documentary play on October 16, 2016. It featured a cast of five, emcee-style storytelling, and a live score performed by Ryan and Xandra's band The Year of the Hare.

One story thread from that documentary version led to the existing fictional version of Everything You're Told.

Check out an early-iteration excerpt from the 2015 interdisciplinary version in its Brooklyn College showing, featuring a story about my Great Aunt Bita:

Credits for Brooklyn College Showing:

Written, Directed, and Performed by Xandra Clark
Dance Choreography and Performance by Kristin Swiat
Music Composition and Performance by Nolan Green
Music Accompaniment by Oliver Hill
Video Filming and Production by Stephen LoRusso