Summer projects — a play, a solo show, a pilot, and readings!

Xandra Clark performing excerpts of POLYLOGUES at The Green Room, August 2017. Photo: Andrew Otto.

It's been a busy, busy summer, as I've been keeping positive and active amidst the chaos in our country and world. It feels more necessary than ever to devote myself to creative work that matters. So I've spent the majority of my time offline, writing and performing my own material around the city!

I finished writing a new draft of my play EVERYTHING YOU'RE TOLD, and I love where it's going. I took a thread of a story from the version developed at The Tank last year and zoomed in. The play now centers around two characters with very different ideological viewpoints who meet on the phone and then try to love one another. Obviously very relevant right now... We had a table read of the play last weekend, and so many diverse and messy thoughts and feelings arose in our conversation afterwards. It's feeling real!

I'm also developing a solo show of verbatim monologues developed from interviews I'm doing with a wide range of folks about their experiences with nonmonogamy. It's been a fun, hilarious, revealing, weird, and thought-provoking adventure, and feels good to laugh right now! I've already performed excerpts of it at Judson Church, Theaterlab, Queer Abstract, and The Green Room and am building it into a full-length show. Working title (pun and all): POLYLOGUES.

This week, I also got the chance to perform in a reading of Juilliard playwriting fellow Jessica Moss's new play CAM BABY at The Dramatists Guild Fund, directed by Molly Rose Clifford. Such a fast and furious play!

And on top of it all, I'm writing a TV pilot...but I can't say any more about that right now!!! It's a secret! Stay tuned....eee!

Enjoy the rest of y'alls summers, and keep on doing the good work.

Xandra Clark performing excerpts of POLYLOGUES at Queer Abstract, July 2017. Photo: Simone Davis.